FRUIT FLY OUTBREAK - Renmark and the greater Riverland area currently have a number of fruit fly outbreaks.  This has resulted in restrictions applying to the movement of at-risk fruit and vegetables within our region. To further understand these restrictions, please visit when planning your visit.

Renmark Bike Hire

Tours Renmark


Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 10am - 2pm

There's no better way to discover the Renmark and Paringa area than by bike!


Choose from riverfront or nature trail options with maps and itineraries available, or experience the many attractions, heritage sites, dining options and beverage producers of the district as you meander your way round.

Half day hire is $35 per person and is available every day for a maximum of 4 hours between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and between 10am and 2pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Full day hire is $50 per person and available Monday to Friday for a maximum of 7.5 hours.

We have 4 adult bikes available - 3 x medium size and 1 x small. Hire price includes helmets, locks and a backpack (if required).

We also have 2 children's bikes available for $20 per person - 1x 20 inch and 1x 24 inch and can booked online as well.

The Renmark Visitor Information Centre has partnered with Barossa Bike Hire to provide quality and well-maintained bikes. Bookings are encouraged to avoid disappointment.

Map & Directions

84 Murray Avenue, Renmark SA 5341, Australia

Cancellation Policy

Renmark Paringa Visitor Information Centre acts as an agent for Barossa Bike Hire. Please replace all references of Barossa Bike Hire to mean the agent.

(5.) Hiring Fees Charges and Payment

(5.1) The Customer agrees to pay the Hiring Fees to Barossa Bike Hire at or before the time of delivery or as per payment terms advised at the discretion of Barossa Bike Hire either verbally or via written E-mail or Tax Invoice advice unless otherwise agreed in writing by Barossa Bike Hire before the Hiring Period commences.

5.2 Any quotation of Hiring Fees given by Barossa Bike Hire must be accepted by the Customer within thirty (30) days otherwise Barossa Bike Hire has the right to vary the Hiring Fees at its discretion.

5.3 At the discretion of Barossa Bike Hire a deposit bond and/or credit card details will be required for Equipment security as set out in the Schedule to this Agreement (“Security”). Such Security will be refunded or released upon return of the Equipment in

a condition acceptable to Barossa Bike Hire.

5.4 A credit card surcharge may be charged for all credit card transactions. GST and any other taxes (if applicable) shall be added to the Hiring Fees or any other fees under this Agreement except where they are expressly included in the Hiring Fees or other fees payable.

5.5 In the event that the Customer or the Riders immediately notifies Barossa Bike Hire of any Equipment failure or breakdown then the Hiring Fees will not be payable during the time the Equipment is not working except where the Equipment failure or breakdown is due to the misuse or negligence of the Customer or the Riders.

5.6 Barossa Bike Hire will charge an Accessory Replacement Fee for any lost keys locks helmets baskets or other parts and accessories (excluding bikes – see this Clause 5.8 below for Repair and Replacement costs on bikes).

5.7 Barossa Bike Hire will charge a Clean and Service Fee of $150.00 for any Equipment returned with excessive mud on it that requires a full clean and degreasing to return the Equipment to the condition it was at the commencement of this Agreement.

5.8 Barossa Bike Hire will charge in its discretion either the full Repair and/or Replacement Costs on all bikes not returned in the condition they were at the commencement of this Agreement due to damage caused directly or indirectly by the Customer or the Riders.

5.9 Any Hiring Fees or any other fees under this Clause 5 that remain outstanding and payable shall incur interest at the rate of 2.5% per calendar month and such interest shall compound monthly at such a rate until payment is made in full.

5.10 The Customer and the Riders will indemnify Barossa Bike Hire for all sums owing including any interest and fees and legal costs incurred in recovering any monies owed by the Customer and the Riders under this Agreement (on a full indemnity basis).

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