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MacCabes Corner

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MacCabe Corner is the most mysterious of the State Corner’s, located in the South West corner of New South Wales and is the point representing the State borders of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. It is a rarely visited corner site, mainly due to its remote location and the need for multiple forms of transport to access the site.


The closest point to gain access to MacCabe Corner is through the Murray Sunset National Park (Victoria) and a local area known as Higgins Cutting.

More information on MacCabes Corner and a detailed plan of how to reach the site can be found here.

At MacCabes Corner you see the South Australian / New South Wales Border marker, a white sign against the bush. If you continue along the western bank for quite some distance from the SA / NSW Marker, sitting high on the bank there is a large white post signalling MacCabe Corner.

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