FRUIT FLY OUTBREAK - Renmark and the greater Riverland area currently have a number of fruit fly outbreaks.  This has resulted in restrictions applying to the movement of at-risk fruit and vegetables within our region. To further understand these restrictions, please visit when planning your visit.

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Enjoy our Riverland – but don’t bring a pest with you

When travelling into South Australia you must plan ahead and know the rules before you go. South Australia take zero chances when it comes to fruit fly. Fines apply for bringing restricted fruit and fruiting vegetables across the border.  

  • If you’re entering South Australia via Yamba, you must eat or dispose of fruit and vegetables at the quarantine bins located before you reach the quarantine station, or face a fine.

If you’re entering South Australia via Pinnaroo, Oodla Wirra or Ceduna, you can dispose your fruit and vegetables at the quarantine stations. To see what food items you can bring into the state visit the travelling to South Australia food checker.

Travelling to the Riverland from within South Australia

  • Due to recent law changes on 29 July 2021 previous conditions regarding using itemised receipts no longer apply. If you’re within South Australia and planning a trip to the Riverland, you cannot bring certain fruit and vegetables from either a South Australian retail outlet or home grown into the Riverland fruit fly area. Use the restricted fruit and vegetables chart to see what items are prohibited.
  • To avoid a fine buy local, once you arrive. Random roadblocks are in operation in this region.
  • Help protect our delicious produce. South Australia is the only mainland state that is fruit fly free and the Riverland region is an internationally recognised Pest Free Area – and we want to keep it that way.

To find out more information call the 24hr Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010 for visit

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