FRUIT FLY OUTBREAK - Renmark and the greater Riverland area currently have a number of fruit fly outbreaks.  This has resulted in restrictions applying to the movement of at-risk fruit and vegetables within our region. To further understand these restrictions, please visit when planning your visit.

Hotel Renmark Museum

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Hours: Open Daily 8am to 8pm

The Hotel Renmark Museum will give you a glimpse of the many events, guests (including royalty) and stories that make this business so unique!


Established in 1897, the Hotel Renmark has always been and continues to be owned by the community of Renmark. The Hotel is run under a Board of Management, with profits from its operations being reinvested back into the facility for refurbishment / improvements and a portion distributed back into the community through sponsorship of local events, clubs and other requests.

The grand hotel has accumulated an incredible history which you can now explore through the Museum, located on the first floor of the main building. The Hotel Renmark was noted as the first community owned hotel in the British Commonwealth and at one point, housed the longest bar in the British Empire!

View a broad collection of photographs, memorabilia, furnishings, table settings and much more as you take in the view over the Renmark Riverfront from the upper level. The display is open daily and is accessible by the stairs in the main foyer or the adjacent corridor lift.

Map & Directions

100 Murray Avenue, Renmark SA 5341, Australia