FRUIT FLY OUTBREAK - Renmark and the greater Riverland area currently have a number of fruit fly outbreaks.  This has resulted in restrictions applying to the movement of at-risk fruit and vegetables within our region. To further understand these restrictions, please visit when planning your visit.

Possum Parade

Attractions Renmark


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Hours: Daily at dusk

Meet the group of friendly possums who live in the large palm trees along the Renmark Riverfront and who scamper down each night at dusk for Possum Parade.


A group of friendly and cheeky local possums make their way down the trunks of the palm trees each evening at dusk to chomp on the pieces of carrots and the like that get left for them daily.

The possums have been a popular attraction for many years and don't mind being patted and are certainly not camera shy (even flashes don't seem to bother them) whilst some seem to even pose for you!

The Possum Parade never loses its charm, particularly amongst families and children and is a great way to end a wonderful day in the Riverland while walking along the well-lit Riverfront Trail. This experience is FREE, available all year round and can be explored at your own leisure.

With the reconstruction of the Renmark Wharf currently taking place along the Renmark Riverfront on Murray Avenue, we recommend visiting the possums in the beautiful park lands of Jarrett Memorial Gardens, just around the corner on James Avenue, Renmark.

Map & Directions

Renmark Riverfront, Murray Avenue, Renmark SA 5341, Australia