FRUIT FLY OUTBREAK - Renmark and the greater Riverland area currently have a number of fruit fly outbreaks.  This has resulted in restrictions applying to the movement of at-risk fruit and vegetables within our region. To further understand these restrictions, please visit when planning your visit.

The Border Track

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Ngarkat Conservation Park is home to the legendary Border Track, between the South Australian and Victorian border, Ngarkat's immense landscapes are a spectacular sight to behold.


The Border Track is a popular part of the park offering some amazing views. The one-way section in the northern part of the park is open from 1 April to 31 October and vehicles must travel in a north to south direction. At the junction of the Border Track and the Centre Track (appropriately 29km down the Border Track), the track reverts to a two-way system. The one way system has been implemented to protect the sand dunes, track surface and vegetation.

The border track presents extremely difficult driving conditions. if you are not fully prepared and supported by other vehicles, don't go. Due to the high fire danger and lack of emergency vehicle access, the one way section of the border track is closed throughout the fire season. The Centre Track can be used as an alternative traveling route to access the southern section of the track during this time.

Much of the remaining mallee vegetation grows on fragile sandy soil. The plant cover helps stabilize the sandy soils. Damage to this vegetation can lead to shifting sands, eventually creating large blowouts. Please tread lightly on sandy tracks by staying withing the wheel tracks.

Dogs are not permitted.

**HINT – Campsites must be booked prior to arrival in the park. Mobile phone coverage is limited in the park, so make sure you book your campsite while you still have range. You can view pictures of campsites and book online before you head out to Ngarkat. Also make sure you download the maps for the park from the National Parks and Wildlife Service website or through the Avena Maps app on your smart device. Avenza Maps app allows you to navigate the parks tracks and walking trails using your phones inbuilt GPS without needing phone service coverage.

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